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ng of the habits of ASIAN people wearing glasses, OAKLEY launched ASIAN DESIGN - designed for ASIAN people make sunglasses, with wearing comfort and modifying function as the core of the face, nose place DESIGN more stereo, more relevant ASIAN facial structure.O Matter memory plastic automatically fit your face shape, trenchant edges and corners of curve fitting of the most popular big mirror type design, and skillfully cut bridge of the nose distance is used to highlight the shape of the frame,Ray Ban UK Review help you to modify the face at the same time to regain fashion sense!Its leg show originality of hollow out a logo design, weight increase your comfort level and make the whole mirror more halfback modelling.Sorching summer without sunshine, wearing CATALYST, wear out!On these topics to let a person listen to fatigue, Oakley spoke about his ongoing debate between with the knicks owner James dolan, the feud between them during last year's all-star. According to Oakley, said his last year in New