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and urban cycling home Chas Christiansen, as Oakley "ONE take was obsessed with" activity specially invited guests, not only inspired the Oakley in London community activities of the overall concept and planning, at the same time, the experience of this community brings residents cycling field rich in culture. The experience activities include here, by Spoke LDN collected about cycling motion picture art;Different cycling sports technical amateurs and urban cycling team East London Fixed can atDiscount Oakley Sunglasses Online Saletend the weekly city riding together;And The operation of The organization of The London Bike Kitchen experience from simple to change a flat tire to cycling together whole modification maintenance workshop;And by The partners of The Bicycle Film Film Festival. Starting from May 14, Spoke LDN website will organize Oakley community's first exclusive exhibition in London, and invited 12 top artists finish cycling related work of art.Focus on all aspects of the cycling sports, through their unders