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ets of the city delivery boy or is between you, the line between work and home, and every day in London, Oakley cycling creative space here can gather each in cycling sports man full of passion, and sharing, and celebrate the enthusiasm, will eventually Oakley# ONE take was obsessed with what # the essence of the brand slogan into their lives. In this year's CES, chief executive of Intel, again (Brian Krzanich) revealed the Intel some latest progress in the field of wearable, including productsRay Ban Sunglasses UK Outlet, solutions and applications, at the same time with Oakley announced for strategic cooperation in the field of wearable devices. Oakley is Rosa foti card Group (Andrea Group) in collaboration with Intel's first brand, aimed at using smart technology to build sports glasses, help professional athletes improve performance, bring cool sports equipment for amateurs. On August 17, in the afternoon, the world's leading sports brand Oakley (America) with spokesman Lin (weibo blog) airborne shenzhen c