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er the Chinese market, but due to its products exist in professional sports channels (such as the golf channel) and outdoor professional in-store, ordinary consumers rarely seen on the market, and over the past few years has been in a state of "tepid". "In the United States, so that direct consequence is 20 pedestrian street is a wearing Oakley" of China no longer exists. But Oakley obviously has its own logic: the development of its China gm Huang Hongda in accept the China business news inWholesale Fake Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses an interview, three or four years in front of the stage of development, Oakley has been in understanding the process of China's consumer and channel characteristic.This in today's "fast as beauty" might seem a bit of a maverick.New phase, Oakley's goal is to understand the consumption characteristics of "data collection is more interested in our current part", Huang Hongda said. "Found that the problem of philosophy In this year's ISPO outdoor exhibition site, Oakley exhibition staff repeated