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ard hit in a plastic (9550, 40.00, 0.42%) model face, only after the Oakley glasses protect part still intact, the lens itself just appeared a little crack, not broken. Behind this, is more than 1000 items with Oakley glasses technology related patents, "speed and focus on research and development is one of the largest competitiveness" Oakley. It is hard to imagine such a focused on the areas of glasses brand, originally is cross-country motorcycle hand started with the set of production.ItsRay Ban Outlet 2015 founder, Jim Jane nader (Jim Jannard) show from the start to hand the material and design of paranoia, and this trait is he continue to the development and production of sunglasses. Okley brand philosophy is "constantly find problems and find solutions in the form of art".In other words, search for "love" paranoid characteristics of Jane's Jim and his Oakley. Glasses design, for example, when transformation by motorcycle handle to glasses manufacturer Oakley just with goggles business opened