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Some Facts

The shipper is responsible for obtaining and documenting the verified gross mass of a packed container. As per IMO Circular 1475, ’shipper‘ means a legal entity or a person named on the bill of lading, or equivalent transport documentation, as shipper and/or who (or in whose name or on whose behalf) a contract of carriage has been concluded with a shipping company. The shipper may also be known as the sender or consignor.

The verified gross mass can be obtained using one of two methods.

Method 1: Weighing the Packed Container.

Method 2: Weigh all the packages and cargo items including the pallets and then adding the tare mass of the container.

Once the weight of the container has been verified (using one of the two methods) this weight must then be specified on the shipping documents and signed by the shipper or a person duly authorised by the shipper.

The Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) is the most commonly used document to provide the gross weight of the container. The new PRA will contain additional information that satisfies the new requirements.

Should a shipper not provide the mandatory information (on the PRA), the container will not be processed for loading on to a ship. Further, should a container arrive at the gate of a terminal with shipping documentation that does not include the mandatory information, such a container must not be granted access for loading on to a ship. As per the revised Marine Order 42, penalties may apply for non-compliance with the requirements.

How can CTS assist and guide you through the new requirements

 As your business partner and specialist freight forwarder CTS will provide you with services that comply with the new requirements. Where CTS is packing and shipping the container(s) on your behalf we will provide the Verified Gross Weight and we will ensure the PRA meets the required information to avoid hold ups and delays in the shipping process.

For shippers packing their own containers, please take note of the requirements. CTS will provide you with an updated Shippers Letter containing a Verified Weight Declaration for completion and signing, which enables us to complete and submit the PRA.

Alternatively you can outsource the packing to CTS or request CTS to organise container weighing in order to satisfy the new requirements.

This is only a short excerpt from IMO Circular MSC. 1/Circ. 1475 and AMSA Marine Order 42 regarding the new requirement for Container Weight Verification which come into effect 01 July 2016. For further information please contact your local CTS office.