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Cargo Transport is a global freight forwarding and international logistics service provider.

We facilitate road, rail, air and sea transportation across a vast network of towns, cities and countries spanning the globe. With a professional and dedicated team we will assist you find the right solution for any need that includes importing and exporting, air freight and sea freight, quarantine and customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, or dangerous goods handling.


Import of Certain Timber Products - New Legislation coming into effect on 30Nov14

New illegal logging Legislation will come into effect on 30Nov14. The products covered by this regulation will be chapters 44, 47, 48 and 94. This includes, but will not be limited to wooden furniture and other wooden products. The legislation is implemented to verify that timber used for the manufacture of these products has not been illegally logged. It will be the responsibility of the importer to verify that this is not the case.

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CTS & Cargo Transport DG Melbourne's flying start packing DG's

CTS/Cargo Transport DG in Melbourne are open to handle all classes of DG and the first shipments have been packed, documented and transported.

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Cargo Transport backs a Winner!

Brisbane’s Steven Ham has done the seemingly impossible by catching and passing seventeen time Top Alcohol champion Gary Phillips in the ANDRA Top Alcohol points chase to claim his maiden national title.

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